• Central Locator System

    Tracks travel of key US Government Officials
  • Central Information Distribution System

    Provides mission-oriented messaging; part of the MSNS system. provides mission oriented messaging using Exchange/Outlook email, Instant messaging and SMS.
  • Central Index System

    'The Central Index System (CIS) supports the collection and dissemination of biographic and historical information on the status of over 57 million benefit applicants and...
  • Center of Excellence and Expertise Database

    Data entry summary transactions for CBP Center of Excellence and Expertise.
  • Center Adjudication System Electronic Processing

    Center Adjudication System Electronic Processing (CasePro II) is designed to electronically adjudicate the I-821 and I-765 C19/A12 TPS filings that will be received during the...
  • Central Index System 2

    CIS2 receives data uploaded on a real-time basis from the following internal or external systems: Computer-Linked Application Information Management System-3 (C3), GLOBAL,...
  • Central Contractor Registration - Business Partner Network

    Provides the mandatory single point of entry to federal procurement business opportunities. Will eventually also be the entry point for federal grant opportunities.
  • Center for Domestic Preparedness (CDP) Learning Management System

    CDP Learning Management System database allows responders to to enroll in classes, schedule travel and lodging and take online courses through a public facing system. It...
  • CEDD Application Dashboard

    The CAD (CEDD Application Dashboard) Java Application is designed to ping TAS application endpoints at one minute intervals, to ensure that the TAS application is running as...
  • CBP Service Online Operations

    CBP ServiceNow SaaS instance.
  • CBP eRulings Web dataset

    Contains the CBP eRulings data that is available to the public via HTML Web Page
  • CBP Developed Apps Monitor

    monitoring tool used to monitor the health of CBP developed applications running in the cloud.CBP Support Services Suite will reside on top of the CBP Amazon Cloud East (CACE)...
  • CBP Communications

    Timely alerts and information to CBP Employees on non-CBP devices
  • CBP TradePulse

    Contains aggregated and summarized trade data from ACE/ACS (mostly) supporting statistics reporting portal; providing accurate and consistent data source designed to support...
  • CBP eForms

    CBP eForms is a web-based application used by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Office of Enterprise Services (ES), to provide an enterprise-wide forms management...
  • CBP Customer Relationship Manager Tools

    This asset contains data supporting the Salesforce Software as a Service (SaaS) offering. The SaaS offering is available via the Salesforce Services which are applications built...
  • CBP Mobile Collection & Receipts Electronic Payment Options Dataset

    MCR-EPO Dataset is composed of CBP Forms 368 and 1002 receipt numbers, duties and fees collected, tender type (cash, check), check number, broker agents and vessel information...
  • CBP BigPipe

    Contains the location and associated meta data captured in BigPipe
  • CBP Automated Testing Service

    CBP Automated Testing Service (CATS) provides contains data supporting the automated assessment services of candidates` knowledge, skills, abilities, and ;competencies for law...
  • CBP Autonomous Surveillance Towers

    The CBP AST system is a reliable, scalable, cost effective, re-locatable, short and mid-range tower surveillance capability. It uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to autonomously...