• United States Mint Annual Reports

    Complete audited financial and program report
  • Numismatic Precious Metal Products Sales Figures

    Annual sales figures for numismatic precious metal products. Updated annually after sales have been audited and finalized. Programs tracked in this report include American Eagle...
  • Cumulative Numismatic Sales Figures

    The cumulative total of net sales demand for numismatic products reported from the launch of each product through the report date. Updated weekly by 5 p.m. (ET) Tuesdays. These...
  • Circulating Coins Production Figures

    Production figures for circulating coins by denomination manufactured in Denver and Philadelphia. Updated monthly. Data includes active and inactive programs. Programs tracked...
  • Bullion Sales and Mintage¬†Figures

    Sales totals by month are updated every weekday by 5 p.m. (ET). Mintage is updated annually. Programs tracked in this report include: American Eagle, American Buffalo, and...
  • Tax Rates

    Current tax rates for alcohol beverages, tobacco products, firearms and ammunition and information on filing taxes with TTB.
  • Processing Times for Label Applications

    Table of current alcohol label processing times.
  • Processing Times for Beverage Alcohol Formulas

    This current processing times chart shows up-to-date processing information for beverage alcohol formulas, both those that require sample analysis and those that do not. Use...
  • Permit Application Processing Times

    This information is compiled to show the average turnaround time it takes TTB to process applications to operate new businesses. This data pertains to the segment of...
  • Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Annual Reports

    The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requires every Federal agency to submit a report to the Attorney General of the United States annually [pursuant to 5 U.S.C. 552(e)(1)],...
  • Beer Production and Operations Reports

    Yearly and monthly statistical releases taken directly from the Brewer's Report of Operations TTB F 5130.9 and the Quarterly Brewer's Report of Operations TTB F 5130.26.
  • AVA Map Explorer

    Use the American Viticultural Area (AVA) Map Explorer to view the boundaries of all established and proposed AVAs. The Map Explorer has information about each AVA, including its...
  • TIGTA Program Plan

    TIGTA Work Plan
  • Semi Annual Report

    TIGTA's Semiannual Reports contain updated facts, figures and accomplishments for Congress.
  • Recovery Act Reports

    The Recovery Act provides separate funding to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration to be used in oversight activities of IRS programs which includes audits...
  • Press Releases

    TIGTA's Press Room: press releases, key facts, TIGTA statistics, press contact information.
  • Peer Review Reports

    The objective of the external quality control review program is to foster quality audits by Inspector General offices through an independent assessment of the effectiveness of...
  • Organizational Chart

    Organizational chart of TIGTA
  • Operations Manual

    TIGTA established this system in which delegated authorities, policies, procedures and guidelines are issued in a systematic manner.
  • Office Locations

    Locations of TIGTA Offices