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    • Restaurant Inspection Data

      Restaurant inspection dates, grades, scores and locations for the past year for all establishments. See the Yelp Restaurant dataset for more details, like violations, across 3...
    • Bank Branches Data

      List of Bank Branches participating in the Bank On Louisville Program
    • On-Street Parking Citation Collections

      Comparing monthly data: citations issued, citations collected, voids and citations sent to collection. LouieStat report.
    • LiHEAP Appointment Data

      No description provided
    • Application Reports

      Shows client, application, benefit amount, etc. - from CASTiNET - Client intake system for Monetary Applications paid to various different vendors as well as LIHEAP...
    • LIHEAP Demographics

      A complete record of all LIHEAP clients based upon specified Start/End date and Status (Approved, Denied, Pending, All Statuses) including but not limited to total benefit,...
    • Voting Precincts

      Voting precincts inside Jeffferson County Kentucky are based off of 2013 redistricting precincts and aligned to the county boundary. These boundaries represent areas used during...
    • Average Hospital Turnaround Time

      The time from arrival of an EMS unit at a hospital to its departure time. Data goes from 2013-01-01 to 2014-04-15. Sample: ID Created_EST Transport_Arrival_EST Exit_EST 1...
    • Upcoming Foreclosure Sales

      The Jefferson Circuit Court Commissioner’s Office (JCCO) manages the sale of foreclosed property in Jefferson County. The link below will direct you to the JCCO’s website where...
    • Active Permits

      All permits issued by Develop Louisville department that are currently active in the Metro area.
    • Louisville Metro Events

      Louisvilleky.gov API that lists all available online events by Louisville Metro Government.
    • AirNow API

      Air quality forecasts and raw air monitoring data (not quality-assured) for ozone and particulates. Can programmatically access raw air monitoring data for ozone and...
    • Land Use

      Polygon layer of general land use for Jefferson County, Kentucky; polygons include attribute for land use code and land use name.1= SINGLE FAMILY; 2=MULTI-FAMILY; 3=COMMERCIAL;...
    • Animal Services Transfer

      The number of animals transferred out of a Metro Animal Services facility in a month. This dataset is an aggregate report from the "Animal Service intake and outcome data"...
    • Historic Markers

      Historic markers for historic sites in Jefferson County. Data is provided to LOJIC from the Kentucky Historical Society.
    • Police Officer Training

      The In-Service catalog provides a list of courses offered by the LMPD Academy Staff. In 2017 all sworn personnel were required to take the mandated in-service course based on...
    • LMPD Stops Data

      The data for Vehicle Stops begins January 1st, 2015. The data includes vehicle stops. Not included in the data are vehicle collisions, stranded motorists or non-moving vehicles....
    • Local Air Quality API

      API operated by Louisville Metro that returns AQI information from local sensors operated by APCD.
    • Property Donations

      No description provided
    • Louisville Metro Online Services

      Louisvilleky.gov API that lists all available online services by Louisville Metro Government.