• Fast International Approval and Tracking System

    FIAT, a Lotus Notes based database, is the electronic process that tracks and monitors the international travel approval process.
  • Tribal Consultation Tracking System

    The consultation-related information the AIEO Consultation Team working with our Tribal Portal contractors has developed a Lotus Notes Database that is capable of collecting...
  • Reference Data for Analytics

    Collection of reference datasets for analytics applications. These are lookup tables, crosswalks, and other useful datasets for connecting tables for analytics
  • International Visitors Reservation and Screening

    IVRS collects and tracks dates, times and topics of stateside meetings with International organizations and visitors.
  • General Assistance Program

    GAP Online is a grant work plan development and reporting information system.
  • Reasonable Accommodation Information Tracking System

    The Reasonable Accommodation Information Tracking System (RAITS) is a case management system that allows the National Reasonable Accommodation Coordinator (NRAC) and the Local...
  • Correspondence Management System

    CMS is EPA's correspondence tracking and workflow management system. It scans, logs, routes, tracks, and stores incoming and outgoing correspondence in all Program and Regional...
  • EPA eXcats

    The EPA eXcats is an enterprise-level data tracking application that provides management complaint tracking information for the EPA's Office of Civil Rights (OCR) External...
  • EPA iComplaints

    The iComplaints system is an enterprise-level COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf) product that provides all of the funtionality required to collect, track, manage, process and...