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  • Superfund Cost Recovery Package Imaging and On-Line System

    SCORPIOS is used to organize cost information and produce reports that summarize the costs for a specific Superfund or Oil site.
  • Budget Formulation System

    The Budget Formulation System (BFS) enables agency staff to formulate budgets, integrate budgets with strategic and annual performance plans, track financial actuals against...
  • PeoplePlus

    PeoplePlus (PPL) is the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) time & labor system which feeds the EPA's payroll function maintained by the Interior Business Center...
  • OCFO Payment Tracking System

    The Payment Tracking System (PTS) is a suite of applications that support the timely and accurate processing of EPA financial payments.
  • MoveLINQs

    Permanent Change of station management system.
  • Management Audit Tracking System

    This system tracks audits issued by EPA's OIG that require follow-up action.
  • Compass Financials IT System

    Compass Financials is a web application developed by CGI Federal Inc. It provides the tools needed to effectively manage, budget and track expenditures.
  • Budget Automation System

    BAS is the central Agency system used to integrate strategic planning, annual planning, budgeting and financial management. BAS contains resource (dollars and FTE), planning and...
  • FY 2019 Justification of Appropriation Estimates for Committee on Appropriations

    Known as the Congressional Justification (CJ), includes detailed budget information for each of EPA's programs.