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  • Vessel Logbook Database    recent views

    This database contains the primary data reported on the vessel trip reports by vessel operators.
  • MQRS Data Set    recent views

    The MQRS Data Set - Tracks a vessel's eligibility for limited access permits, including when they have been placed in CPH.
  • GARFOGIS_DATA_TRACKING.xlsm    recent views

    This spreadsheet is the central tracking document and inventory of "official" GIS datasets in development, published, or archived at the Greater Atlantic Regional Fisheries...
  • DPS Data Set    recent views

    The data set that holds the Dealer Permit System data.
  • Cost Recovery Data Set    recent views

    The Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act (Magnuson-Stevens Act) requires NOAA’s National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) to collect fees to recover the...
  • Sector Information Data Set    recent views

    Fishing sectors were established in the Greater Atlantic region in 2010 under catch share management initiatives. Sector data kept at GARFO is mostly a collection of other...
  • Marine Animal Incident Database    recent views

    Large whale stranding, death, ship strike and entanglement incidents are all recorded to monitor the health of each population and track anthropogenic factors that influence...
  • Permit.LOA table    recent views

    This table includes the effective dates by vessel and permit number for each issued letter of authorization (LOA) by the Permit Office (APSD)
  • IVR RSA Database    recent views

    This database contains trip-level reports submitted by vessels participating in Research Set-Aside projects with IVR reporting requirements.
  • IVR EFP Database    recent views

    This database contains trip-level reports submitted by vessels participating in Exempted Fishery projects with IVR reporting requirements.
  • VMS forms Output Tables    recent views

    These output tables contain parsed and format validated data from the various VMS forms that are sent from any given vessel, while at sea, from the VMS devices on their vessels....
  • Vessel Operator System    recent views

    Operator cards are required for any operator of a charter/party boat and or a commercial vessel (including carrier and processor vessels) issued a vessel permit from the Greater...
  • Gillnet Tag Program    recent views

    Certain fishery management programs require vessels to obtain gillnet tags to be used with their gillnet gear. Gillnet tag data is a collection of requests and subsequent...
  • AMS Data Set    recent views

    The Allocation Management System Data Set
  • RDD Databases    recent views

    This database was established to oversee documents issued in support of fishery research activities including experimental fishing permits (EFP), letters of acknowledgement...
  • SC/OQ Vessel Database    recent views

    Data tables holding information for the Surf Clam/Ocean Quahog vessel and dealer/processor logbooks (negative and positive), as well as individual tag information and ranges of...
  • Data Matching Imputation System    recent views

    The DMIS dataset is a flat file record of the matching of several data set collections. Primarily it consists of VTRs, dealer records, Observer data in conjunction with vessel...
  • Quota Monitoring Data Set    recent views

    This describes the public data set used to monitor Mid-Atlantic quotas managed by the Greater Atlantic Regional Fisheries Office. This data is established annual quotas for Mid-...
  • IVR Tilefish Database    recent views

    This database contains weekly reports submitted by tilefish vessels with IVR reporting requirements.
  • Vessel Permit System Data Set    recent views

    GARFO issues federal fishing permits annually to owners of fishing vessels who fish in the Greater Atlantic region, as required by federal regulation. These permits are required...