EX1103: Exploration and Mapping, Galapagos Spreading Center: Mapping, CTD, Tow-Yo, and ROV on NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer between 20110608 and 20110728

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Metadata Date: 2011-07
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Abstract: This cruise will be composed of two separate legs. The first leg will be a transit from San Diego, CA to the Galapagos Spreading Center, where multibeam mapping, CTD casts, and CTD tow-yo operations will be performed. The ship will have a port call and science party change in Puntarenas, Costa Rica between July 2 and July 7, 2011. Following this port call, from July 7 - July 28, 2011, the ROV Little Hercules and camera sled Seirios, will investigate targets identified in Leg 1. Further multibeam mapping and CTD casts will also be performed. Leg 2 will end at Balboa, Panama.
Purpose: During the first leg of EX1103, the Okeanos Explorer will exercise its multibeam survey operations during the transit from San Diego and around the Galapagos Spreading Center region. A new sensor package on the CTD, including a Light Scattering Sencor (LSS), an Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) sensor, and a Dissolved Oxygen (DO) sensor will be tested. Telepresence and data pipelines will be tested. During the second leg of EX1103, the Okeanos Explorer will utilize the full suite of its capabilities: ROV, Camera Sled, mapping, CTD, and telepresence to explore targets identified during Leg 1.
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Title: EX1103: Exploration and Mapping, Galapagos Spreading Center: Mapping, CTD, Tow-Yo, and ROV on NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer between 20110608 and 20110728
Alternate Title: EX-11-03
Alternate Title: EX1103
Date: 2011-07
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