Income Tax, Minnesota, 2003-2008


This spreadsheet includes Minnesota Income Tax information for the years 2003-2008. Data includes number of tax returns and the median, mean and sum of Minnesota Taxable Income (MTI). Data are unduplicated and reported in one of four general categories: 1. Records outside of Minnesota are reported at the state level and include territories, APO's, foreign and unassigned. Within Minnesota, records are assigned to one of three geographic levels (blockgroup, city or county): 2. Within the 7-county Twin Cities metro area, records are assigned to blockgroups. 3. Outside of the 7-county Twin Cities metro area, records are assigned to cities with populations greater than 2,000 residents. 4. All other unassigned Minnesota records are tabulated by county. For additional information and statistical reports, please visit

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Minnesota and other areas outside the state that pay Minnesota income tax

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