Parcels and Land Ownership - Montana Cadastral Framework

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Abstract: Test The Montana Cadastral Database is comprised of taxable parcels (fee land) and public land (exempt property). It is not broken down into individual lots, for instance lots 4 & 5, Forest Grove Subdivision may comprise one taxable parcel and the Lot line between lots 4 & 5 is not contained in this database. The database encompasses all the area within Montana. At this time, the Data is in an ArcSde/Oracle geodatabase. Each county is available for download as a single ArcGIS personal geodatabase or shapefile. The data is maintained by the MT Department of Revenue (DOR) or in cases of Silver Bow, Cascade, Missoula, Lake, Flathead and Yellowstone counties that are maintained by the individual counties. The data is integrated by Montana State Library Geographic Information Services staff. Each parcel contains an attribute called ParcelID (geocode) that is the parcel identifier. It relates to the geocode in the DOR's Orion database (Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal data - CAMA). Most of the ancillary attribute information is held in this database. Information such as owner name, legal description, and appraised value as well as structural and agricultural data are available within CAMA. SQL Server Express 2000 R2 database files of individual county CAMA data are available for download at the project website listed above. In addition, a SQL Server Express database of selected attributes is available for the entire state. Parcel data is built upon the USDI Bureau of Land Management's (BLM) Geographic Coordinate Database (GCDB). The GCDB is a complex measurement management system that uses a least squares adjustment of existing survey data to come up with a digital representation of the Public Land Survey System (PLSS). For more information on GCDB you should proceed to the Montana/North Dakota BLM website at Accuracy varies between townships and it is important to note that the accuracy of the parcel data can't be any more accurate than the GCDB.
Purpose: Landownership information that is tied to the MT Department of Revenue's ORION database and available for a variety of mapping and query purposes. This metadata was auto-generated through the NSGIC GIS Inventory ( and does not represent all information about the dataset, including dataset purpose. Users are strongly encouraged to access the original metadata record if documented, below, under 'Distribution Information'.
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Title: Parcels and Land Ownership - Montana Cadastral Framework
Date: 1999-01-01
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