Subsidence Contours for South Louisiana; UTM 15N NAD83; LRA (2005); [subsidence_contours]

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Abstract: The GIS data shapefile represents average subsidence contour intervals (0.02 cm/year over 10,000 years) for Coastal LA derived from the following: Kulp, M.A., 2000, Holocene stratigraphy, history, and subsidence: Mississippi River delta region, north-central Gulf of Mexico [Ph.D. thesis]: Lexington Kentucky, University of Kentucky, 335 p.
Purpose: Data is developed for illustrative purposes only.
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Title: Subsidence Contours for South Louisiana; UTM 15N NAD83; LRA (2005); [subsidence_contours]
Date: 2007-05-01
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Other Constraints: Use Constraints: Acknowledgement of the Louisiana Speaks Regional Plan and Louisiana Recovery Authority would be appreciated in products developed from these data. Sharing new data layers developed directly from these data would be appreciated. Calthorpe Associates has made every reasonable effort to ensure quality and accuracy in producing this data set. Nevertheless, the user should be aware that the information on which it is based may have come from a variety of sources of varying degrees of accuracy. Therefore, Calthorpe Associates cannot guarantee the accuracy of this data set, and does not accept any responsibility for the consequences of its use. These data are not legal documents and are not to be used as such.
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