Demographic Data - TIGER/Line Shapefile, 2010, 2010 county, Miami-Dade County, FL, 2010 Census Block Group County-based

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Originator: U.S. Department of Commerce, U.S. Census Bureau, Geography Division
Publication Date: 2014
Title: Demographic Data - TIGER/Line Shapefile, 2010, 2010 county, Miami-Dade County, FL, 2010 Census Block Group County-based
Geospatial Data Presentation Form: vector digital data
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Publication Place: Miami, FL
Publisher: Miami-Dade County Government
Other Citation Details: gis-inventory-metadata-6401-25231.xml
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Abstract: The TIGER/Line Files are shapefiles and related database files (.dbf) that are an extract of selected geographic and cartographic information from the U.S. Census Bureau's Master Address File / Topologically Integrated Geographic Encoding and Referencing (MAF/TIGER) Database (MTDB). The MTDB represents a seamless national file with no overlaps or gaps between parts, however, each TIGER/Line File is designed to stand alone as an independent data set, or they can be combined to cover the entire nation. Block Groups (BGs) are defined before tabulation block delineation and numbering, but are clusters of blocks within the same census tract that have the same first digit of their 4-digit census block number from the same decennial census. For example, Census 2000 tabulation blocks 3001, 3002, 3003,.., 3999 within Census 2000 tract 1210.02 are also within BG 3 within that census tract. Census 2000 BGs generally contained between 600 and 3,000 people, with an optimum size of 1,500 people. Most BGs were delineated by local participants in the Census Bureau's Participant Statistical Areas Program (PSAP). The Census Bureau delineated BGs only where the PSAP participant declined to delineate BGs or where the Census Bureau could not identify any local PSAP participant. A BG usually covers a contiguous area. Each census tract contains at least one BG, and BGs are uniquely numbered within census tract. Within the standard census geographic hierarchy, BGs never cross county or census tract boundaries, but may cross the boundaries of other geographic entities like county subdivisions, places, urban areas, voting districts, congressional districts, and American Indian / Alaska Native / Native Hawaiian areas. BGs have a valid code range of 0 through 9. BGs coded 0 were intended to only include water area, no land area, and they are generally in territorial seas, coastal water, and Great Lakes water areas. For Census 2000, rather than extending a census tract boundary into the Great Lakes or out to the U.S. nautical three-mile limit, the Census Bureau delineated some census tract boundaries along the shoreline or just offshore. The Census Bureau assigned a default census tract number of 0 and BG of 0 to these offshore, water-only areas not included in regularly numbered census tract areas. This census data layer has been imported into the Miami-Dade County ArcSDE infrastructure and re-projected to: Projected Coordinate System: NAD_1983_StatePlane_Florida_East_FIPS_0901_Feet Projection: Transverse_Mercator False_Easting: 656166.66666667 False_Northing: 0.00000000 Central_Meridian: -81.00000000 Scale_Factor: 0.99994118 Latitude_Of_Origin: 24.33333333 Linear Unit: Foot_US The boundaries have been aligned to Miami-Dade County base data where they have been found to NOT be within +/- 10 ft Population figures have been appended to the end of the feature classes attribute table: Pop2010, HU2010, HISPAN, WHITENH, BLACKNH, AMERINDIANNH, ASIANNH, HAWIANNH, OTHERNH, and MULTIRACE. Definitions can be found in the census documentation.
Purpose: In order for others to use the information in the Census MAF/TIGER database in a geographic information system (GIS) or for other geographic applications, the Census Bureau releases to the public extracts of the database in the form of TIGER/Line Shapefiles. Additional information on the description of the data and its uses can be obtained from the pl94-171.pdf stored in \geodatabaseStandardsCensus2010. This metadata was auto-generated through the NSGIC GIS Inventory ( and does not represent all information about the dataset, including dataset purpose. Users are strongly encouraged to access the original metadata record if documented, below, under 'Distribution Information'.
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Calendar Date: 2014
Currentness Reference: publication date
Progress: Complete
Maintenance and Update Frequency: TIGER/Line Shapefiles are extracted from the Census MAF/TIGER database. No changes or updates will be made to this version of t
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West Bounding Coordinate: -80.87362671
East Bounding Coordinate: -80.11457062
North Bounding Coordinate: 25.97943687
South Bounding Coordinate: 25.14383888
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Use Constraints: The TIGER/Line Shapefile products are not copyrighted however TIGER/Line and Census TIGER are registered trademarks of the U.S. Census Bureau. These products are free to use in a product or publication, however acknowledgement must be given to the U.S. Census Bureau as the source. The boundary information in the TIGER/Line Shapefiles are for statistical data collection and tabulation purposes only; their depiction and designation for statistical purposes does not constitute a determination of jurisdictional authority or rights of ownership or entitlement and they are not legal land descriptions.Coordinates in the TIGER/Line shapefiles have six implied decimal places, but the positional accuracy of these coordinates is not as great as the six decimal places suggest.
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Contact Organization: Miami-Dade County Government
Contact Person: Ivelisse Torres-Alejo
Contact Position: Project Manager
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Address: 5680 SW 87th Avenue
City: Miami
State or Province: FL
Postal Code: 33173
Contact Voice Telephone: (305) 275-7748
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Contact Organization: U.S. Department of Commerce, U.S. Census Bureau, Geography Division, Geographic Products Branch
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