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  • Crime Data 16 recent views

    Crime data is provided for Louisville Metro Police Divisions only; crime data does not include smaller class cities. Data may be viewed in map form on Crimemapping.com
  • Yelp Data 15 recent views

    Listing of geocoded businesses, inspections for those businesses, and health violations for those businesses, used as a feed to Yelp. All files are csv files. Includes the...
  • Waze Traffic Tool 11 recent views

    No description provided
  • Animal Bites 10 recent views

    Attributes of animal bite incidents reported to and investigated by Louisville Metro Department of Public Health and Wellness. Personal/identifying data has been removed.
  • Average Hospital Turnaround Time

    The time from arrival of an EMS unit at a hospital to its departure time. Data goes from 2013-01-01 to 2014-04-15. Sample: ID Created_EST Transport_Arrival_EST Exit_EST 1...
  • Restaurant Inspection Data

    Restaurant inspection dates, grades, scores and locations for the past year for all establishments.
  • LMPD Hate Crimes

    Data is subset of the Incident data provided by the open data portal. This data specifically identifies crimes that meet the elements outlined under the FBI Hate crimes program....
  • Cold Case/Robbery (ASAP)

    Website designed by Louisville, Kentucky Metro Police Robbery Detectives to help solve business holdups in the Louisville area through community involvement. Using ASAP, one can...
  • Animal Tag Data

    List of all animals processed by Animal Services
  • Total Hours Worked

    Open Performance data detailing Total Hours data from Louisville Metro "LouieStat" program. This data is example information only, and should not be regarded as production...
  • On-Street Parking Meter Repairs

    Recorded action performed by shop personnel on all report malfunctioning meters
  • Urban Tree Canopy Study

    The following information was produced from the 2015 Urban Tree Canopy Assessment for the City of Louisville, KY sponsored by the Office of Sustainability. The study was...
  • Kentucky Sex Offender Registry

    KY State Police online search for offenders. Pursuant to KRS 17.580, the Kentucky State Police provides sex offender registration information to the public to promote public...
  • Historic Areas

    Historic areas. Data from the Metro Landmarks Commission, Kentucky Heritage Council, and National Register of Historic Places about National Historic Landmarks in Jefferson...
  • Hours Not Worked

    Open Performance data detailing Hours Not Worked data from Louisville Metro "LouieStat" program. This data is example information only, and should not be regarded as production...
  • OIS Database and Statistical Analysis

    Officer Involved Shooting Database and Statistical Analysis
  • Upcoming Foreclosure Sales

    Upcoming foreclosed home sales.
  • Abandoned Urban Property

    Inventory held over 1 year includes data for properties NOT owned or controlled by Metro.
  • Animal Service intake and outcome data

    List of all instances of animals brought into Animal Services with outcomes. This is the source data for the number of animals taken in by Animal Services and the number of...