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  • Food Environment Atlas 605 recent views

    Food environment factors--such as store/restaurant proximity, food prices, food and nutrition assistance programs, and community characteristics--interact to influence food...
  • Expenditures on Children by Families 382 recent views

    This dataset provides expenditures on Children by Families provides estimates of the cost of raising children from birth through age 17 for major budgetary components.
  • MyPyramid Food Raw Data 221 recent views

    MyPyramid Food Data provides information on the total calories; calories from solid fats, added sugars, and alcohol (extras); MyPyramid food group and subgroup amounts; and...
  • Farmers Markets Directory and Geographic Data 204 recent views

    Longitude and latitude, state, address, name, and zip code of Farmers Markets in the United States
  • Current Population Survey Food Security Supplement 119 recent views

    A national survey conducted to obtain information about household food expenditures, food program participation, food sufficiency, ways for coping with food insecurity, and...