USGS NED Original Product Resolution IL DOT-District5-VermilionCo 2012 1190 1266 elev TIFF 2017

This is the Original Product Resolution (OPR) Digital Elevation Model (DEM) as provided to the USGS. This DEM is delivered in the original resolution, with the original spatial reference. These data may be used as the source of updates to the seamless layers of the 3D Elevation Program, which serves as the elevation layer of the National Map. These data can be used by scientists and resource managers for global change research, hydrologic modeling, resource monitoring, mapping and visualization, and many other applications.

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access_constraints ["Use Constraints: There is no guarantee or warranty concerning the accuracy of the data. Users should be aware that temporal changes may have occurred since these data were collected and that some parts of these data may no longer represent actual surface conditions. Users should not use these data for critical applications without a full awareness of its limitations. Acknowledgement of the originating agencies would be appreciated in products derived from these data. Any user who modifies the data is obligated to describe the types of modifications they perform. User specifically agrees not to misrepresent the data, nor to imply that changes made were approved or endorsed by the USGS. Please refer to for the USGS disclaimer.", "Access Constraints: None. Any downloading and use of these data signifies a user's agreement to comprehension and compliance of the USGS Standard Disclaimer. Insure all portions of metadata are read and clearly understood before using these data in order to protect both user and USGS interests."]
bbox-east-long -87.5901995585547
bbox-north-lat 40.146146869466
bbox-south-lat 40.1406114527392
bbox-west-long -87.5974123536009
collection_package_id a3be5059-5495-4f95-9a14-b03deb9eade0
coupled-resource []
dataset-reference-date [{"type": "publication", "value": "2017-04-18"}]
frequency-of-update asNeeded
graphic-preview-description Thumbnail JPG image
graphic-preview-type JPEG
harvest_object_id ebf784fb-194f-436d-96d0-0f765e95761d
harvest_source_id 79036357-a26a-4bd9-892b-f2ae110322c3
harvest_source_title Original Product Resolution (OPR) Source Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) - USGS National Map
licence ["Although these data have been processed successfully on a computer system at the U.S. Geological Survey, no warranty, expressed or implied, is made by either regarding the utility of the data on any system, nor shall the act of distribution constitute any such warranty. The USGS will warranty the delivery of this product in computer-readable format and will offer appropriate adjustment of credit when the product is determined unreadable by correctly adjusted computer peripherals, or when the physical medium is delivered in damaged condition. Requests for adjustments of credit must be made within 90 days from the date of this shipment from the ordering site."]
metadata-date 2018-01-07
metadata_type geospatial
progress completed
resource-type dataset
responsible-party [{"name": "U.S. Geological Survey", "roles": ["pointOfContact"]}]
spatial {"type": "Polygon", "coordinates": [[[-87.5974123536, 40.1406114527], [-87.5901995586, 40.1406114527], [-87.5901995586, 40.1461468695], [-87.5974123536, 40.1461468695], [-87.5974123536, 40.1406114527]]]}
spatial_harvester True
temporal-extent-begin 2012-02-17
temporal-extent-end 2012-11-16