JALBTCX Data Coverage Web Service

URL: http://maps.usace.army.mil:8399/arcgis/rest/services/JALBTCX/JALBTCX_Coverage/MapServer

This service provides images of lidar data coverage polygons created by the Joint Airborne Lidar Bathymetry Technical Center of Expertise (JALBTCX) as part of the National Coastal Mapping Program (NCMP). View the service via a link to ArcGIS.com. Once the map opens in your web browser, select “Details”. Pan and zoom the map to your area of interest, and click the second radio button to “Show Contents of Map”. Click “JALBTCX_Coverage” and then check the box next to “Aquired Survey Areas”. (You may need to uncheck the box next to “Survey_Count” and/or “Great_Lakes”, “East_Coast” or “Gulf Coast” to visualize the images of the data coverage polygons).

Source: Pennsylvania 2007 Lidar Coverage, USACE National Coastal Mapping Program

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