BLM National Administrative Unit Boundary Polygons and Office Points - National Geospatial Data Asset (NGDA)

Metadata Updated: January 12, 2021

Feature level Dataset for the BLM Administrative Unit Boundaries Data Standard. This feature dataset includes both BLM administrative land areas and office locations. Land areas are depicted with polygons for the smallest administrative unit (field offices). Larger administrative units, such as district offices, and administrative states may be derived from these polygons. Office locations at each level are depicted with points. This dataset is a subset of the official national dataset, containing features and attributes intended for public release and has been optimized for online map service performance. The Implementation Guide represents the official national dataset from which this dataset was derived.

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License: No license information was provided. If this work was prepared by an officer or employee of the United States government as part of that person's official duties it is considered a U.S. Government Work.

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Metadata Date August 13, 2019
Metadata Created Date September 28, 2020
Metadata Updated Date January 12, 2021
Reference Date(s) December 9, 2020 (publication)
Frequency Of Update asNeeded

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Harvested from DOI Open Data

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Resource Type Dataset
Metadata Date August 13, 2019
Metadata Created Date September 28, 2020
Metadata Updated Date January 12, 2021
Reference Date(s) December 9, 2020 (publication)
Responsible Party Bureau of Land Management, WO830 (Point of Contact)
Contact Email
Access Constraints Use Constraints: These data are provided by Bureau of Land Management (BLM) \u00e2\u0080\u009cas is\u00e2\u0080\u009d and might contain errors or omissions. The User assumes the entire risk associated with its use of these data and bears all responsibility in determining whether these data are fit for the User\u00e2\u0080\u0099s intended use. The information contained in these data is dynamic and may change over time. The data are not better than the sources from which they were derived, and both scale and accuracy may vary across the data set. These data might not have the accuracy, resolution, completeness, timeliness, or other characteristics appropriate for applications that potential users of the data may contemplate. The User is encouraged to carefully consider the content of the metadata file associated with these data. These data are neither legal documents nor land surveys, and must not be used as such. Official records may be referenced at most BLM offices. Please report any errors in the data to the BLM office from which it was obtained. The BLM should be cited as the data source in any products derived from these data. Any Users wishing to modify the data should describe the types of modifications they have performed. The User should not misrepresent the data, nor imply that changes made were approved or endorsed by BLM. This data may be updated by the BLM without notification., Access Constraints: None, these data are considered public domain
Bbox East Long -66.885070
Bbox North Lat 49.384356
Bbox South Lat 24.396305
Bbox West Long -124.860828
Coupled Resource
Frequency Of Update asNeeded
Harvest Object Id 1d5211d2-5ab9-4400-90fa-b9103a558763
Harvest Source Id 5b7e4031-1e2d-428b-92e2-56554bbd7371
Harvest Source Title DOI Open Data
Licence The BLM assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions. No warranty is made by the BLM as to the accuracy, reliability, or completeness of these data for individual use or aggregate use with other data; nor shall the act of distribution to contractors, partners, or beyond, constitute any such warranty for individual or aggregate data use with other data. Although these data have been processed successfully on computers of BLM, no warranty, expressed or implied, is made by BLM regarding the use of these data on any other system, or for general or scientific purposes, nor does the fact of distribution constitute or imply any such warranty. In no event shall the BLM have any liability whatsoever for payment of any consequential, incidental, indirect, special, or tort damages of any kind, including, but not limited to, any loss of profits arising out of the use or reliance on the geographic data or arising out of the delivery, installation, operation, or support by BLM.
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Metadata Type geospatial
Progress completed
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Spatial Reference System
Spatial Harvester true

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