• Current meter and marine toxic substances data from moored current meter casts and other instruments in the North Pacific Ocean as part of the Deep Ocean Mining and Environmental Study (DOMES) project, 29 August 1975 - 01 December 1977 (NODC Accession 7800741)

    Updated: May 19, 2013

    Current meter and marine toxic substances data were collected using moored current meter casts and other instruments in the North Pacific Ocean from August 29, 1975 to December 1, 1977. Data were submitted by Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory (PMEL) as part of the Deep Ocean Mining and Environmental Study (DOMES) project. Data has been been processed by NODC to the NODC standard F015- Current Meter Data and F144- Marine Toxic Substances formats. Full format descriptions are available from NODC homepage at http://www.noaa.nodc.gov. The F015 format is used for time series measurements of ocean currents. These data are obtained from current meter moorings and represent Eulerian method of current measurement, i.e., the meters are deployed at a fixed point and measure flow past a sensor. Position, bottom depth, sensor depth, and meter characteristics are reported for each station. The data record comprises values of east-west (u) and north-south (v) current vector components at specified date and time. Current direction is defined as the direction toward which the water is flowing with positive directions east and north and negative directions west and south. Data values may be subject to averaging or filtering and are typically reported at 10-15 minute time intervals. Water temperature, pressure, and conductivity or salinity may also be reported. A text record is available for optional comments. The F144 format contains data on ambient concentrations of toxic substances and other pollutants in the marine environment. The data derive from laboratory analyses of samples of water, sediment, or marine organisms. Samples may have been collected near marine discharge sites or during ocean monitoring surveys of large areas. Field observations of tar deposits on beaches may also be reported. Survey information includes platform type, start and end dates, and investigator and institution. If data are collected near a discharge site, discharge location, depth, distance to shore, average volume, and other characteristics are reported. Position, date, time and environmental conditions are reported for each sample station. Environmental data may include meteorological and sea surface conditions, tide stage and height, depth of the thermocline or mixed layer surface temperature and salinity, and wave height and periods. Sample characteristics, collection methods, and laboratory techniques are reported for each sample collected and analyzed. The data record comprises concentration values (or a code to indicate trace amounts) for each chemical substance analyzed. Chemical substances are identified by codes based on the registry numbers assigned by the Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) of the American Chemical Society. Marine organisms from which samples have been taken are identified using the 12-digit NODC Taxonomic Code. A text record is available for optional comments. "Self-documenting files cotnaining [datatypes]."

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    Metadata Date May 01, 2013
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    Reference Date(s) Oct 04, 1978 (publication)
    Responsible Party US DOC; NOAA; OAR; Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory (PMEL) (Point of Contact)
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    Access Constraints Use Constraints: NOAA and NODC would appreciate recognition as the resource from which these data were obtained in any publications and/or other representations of these data., Access Constraints: none
    Bbox East Long -125.5
    Bbox North Lat 18
    Bbox South Lat 5.4
    Bbox West Long -150.7
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    Temporal Extent Begin 1975-08-29
    Temporal Extent End 1977-12-01

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